Greenpeace Power Ballad Yoga at Glastonbury 2017

Greenpeace Power Ballad Yoga at Glastonbury 2017

We are already missing the haven that is Glastonbury Festival and now that Worthy Farm is deservedly having a break for a year, does that mean that Greenpeace and all of our wonderful activists and supporters can have a break too? We think not…

The world is in a pretty sad state at the minute…We are having extreme weather leading to fire and floods. The oceans are warming, sea levels are rising, the ice caps are melting, air pollution is still a major problem for our health and the environment plus hundreds of thousands of people are being displaced and joining the flood of migrants. Greenpeace is working hard with the help of our supporters and activists to combat these issues. We are on the streets campaigning, we are lobbying MP’s and we are on the Greenpeace ships sailing with scientists, basically we are not giving up!

Here at Greenpeace we’ve always believed that the optimism of the action is much more valuable than the pessimism of the thought. So we can’t just give up. We can’t just keep on saying “What can I do, it’s only me?” Well for starters we can all try and stop things getting any worse. It won’t be easy and you may need to revise your values and your minds.

Look at how much plastic is being produced then thrown away clogging up our oceans or ending up in landfill sites. Look at how the air we breathe is being poisoned with vehicle emissions and with the burning of fossil fuels. Look at how much food is bought from overflowing supermarkets that never sees our plates and is thrown away. Yet every day new discoveries are being made that can help to reverse many of the bad practices that have been allowed to grow and make money for those with zero respect for the environment. Plastics can be replaced, electric vehicles powered using renewable energy already exist and we can buy less and shop more carefully.

What would it take to make us do some of the things that we just don’t do anymore? Governments too often can’t or won’t put the world to right. Too much lobbying by too many vested interests. It’s going to take people power to force real change. We are the people. So let’s all work together and let’s see what a difference we can make by the time we meet again at Glastonbury 2019. Keep the faith. Join us.

Supporters of the Protestwelle (Protest Wave) demonstrate in Hamburg to raise awareness on climate and energy as well as social inequality and democracy issues. The rally starts at a the City Square, moving around the city center. The G20 Protestwelle is an alliance between civil society organizations including Greenpeace, Campact, BUND, DGB Nord and Mehr Demokratie Hamburg. Hamburg will host the 2017 G20 Summit on July 7th and 8th. Greenpeace Germany's Executive Director Sweelin Heuss during the rally with the "Planet Earth First" balloon in the background. Mitglieder und Unterstuetzer der Protestwelle-Buendnisses halten demonstrieren im Vorfeld des G20-Gipfels in Hamburg. Vertreter von Greenpeace, Campact, BUND, DGB Nord und Mehr Demokratie Hamburg fordern eine bessere Klima und Energie Politik und soziale Gerechtigkeit. Die Umweltaktivisten demonstrieren im Starzentrum, dann zieht der Umzug durch die Hamburger Innenstadt. Der 2017 G20 Gipfel findet am 7. und 8. Juli in Hamburg statt. Greenpeace Deutschlands Geschäftsführerin Sweelin Heuss bei dem Umzug. Der "Planet Earth First" Ballon schwebt im Hintergrund.

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