2019 Trader Awards

We’re pleased to announce the winners of our Traders Awards at Glastonbury 2019.
Entries were initially judged from the Sustainability Survey which is completed by all our traders in advance of the festival and from this source we already had short lists before traders even got to site. Congratulations to those traders who made the short lists: Food traders: Hedgerow cordials, Teatime Collective, Fish Finger Heaven, The Green Brownie, Pie in the Sky, Truly Crumptious. Non Food: Library of Flowers, Stencil Shed, Rainbow Rebel, ECO Glitter Fun, Home Grown Silver. Once everyone was set up and trading, our team visited those on the short lists to ask them further questions.

Most sustainable Food Trader

We looked carefully at our Traders ability to remain close to their values in terms of, for example, the original source of ingredients, the materials used to build the stall, the use of fuel and the choice of cleaning products. We were of course also looking for a diverse menu catering for a range of dietary requirements. The Gold prize (which is a free pitch for the next Festival) for the most sustainable food trader was awarded to Fish Finger Heaven who serve a range of delicious handmade food. Fish Finger Heaven caters for hungry festival goers which is not only healthy and high quality but also fairly priced. Wendy has set very high standards for the quality of the food and the manner in which she does business. The ethical and environmental policy of the business centres around the 3 ethics of permaculture: Earth Care; People Care and Fair Shares. By focusing on these areas we can see the impact on Wendy’s approach to sustainability including food, packaging and recycling; the environment and energy used; good and fair working conditions for staff all of which translates through into excellent customer service. A well-deserved prize of a free pitch for 2020 for this lovely unassuming businesswoman.

As a very commendable runner up, congratulations to Pie in The Sky who came a very close 2nd in this award. Well done to the Yeates family for all your hard work.

Most Sustainable Non Food Trader

Competition was stiff as always, but our most sustainable non-food trader award was presented to Rainbow Rebel. Hannah has traded with us for a number of years and during this time has remained true to her values which are focussed on ethical sourcing and recycling. Hannah avoids selling wool items especially those which are a by-product of the meat industry and instead sources acrylic clothes made from the best quality recycled plastic. During 2018 Hannah has made significant changes to the use of power for the stall and focussed on reducing the packaging received from suppliers. Hannah is very knowledgeable on the key areas required to ensure the business is sustainable. A much deserved winner who will continue to bring colour and fun to the festival markets.

Best Dressed Stall

This is a very difficult class to judge as so many traders make a huge effort to ensure their stalls look absolutely amazing here at Glastonbury. We are very proud of how stunning our markets look.

We asked again for nominations from our Market Managers and Emily judged these after the event using the many photographs we take of each trader. The competition was very serious this year and we would like to specially mention a few. Paellaria – you make such a fabulous effort every year to look good both on the outside of the stall and inside, thank you to Ally, Ellie, Giles and Mike for your hard work in presenting such lovely stalls every year. Squid Inc, Richard, we hear that not only does your stall look great but you serve some of the best chips on site! Other mentions must go to the Rave Cave, Notso Katsu, Audacious Squid and Smoking Gun. All amazing, thank you.

The winning prize however had to go to Nurses Cottage Drinks with their new stall, for the striking colours and build quality. The stall is hand painted and decorated inside by a member of Lucy’s team. Lucy can look forward to a half price pitch fee in 2020. Well done and thank you to everyone for making such an effort each year.

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