The Atchin Tan / Stopping Place

The Atchin Tan / Stopping Place

Found in the Theatre And Circus field, The Stopping Place, or ‘Atchin Tan’ in Romany, is named after the now virtually non-existent traditional sites across the country where travellers would stop for a few days. It’s the focal point for a festival wide ‘Traveller Awareness Campaign’, where you’ll find living examples of travellers’ moving homes – a horse drawn caravan, Romany caravan, traveller bus and traditional ‘bender’ – as well as talks and an information tent.

The campaign is to raise the awareness about the new laws affecting travellers under the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill that criminalises Gypsy, Traveller and nomadic families who have no place to stop and rest. The chronic lack of safe stopping places means this bill has chosen punishment over provision.

The Community Law Partnership is collecting information UK wide assisted by a national coalition which is now 60 organisations strong, so that a group defence can be taken; knowing what evictions, arrests and actions carried out by local councils under this law is the focus of the campaign.

A full program of events is planned over the weekend as well as pop-up events across the site, you can find out more here, and please do stop by the Atchin Tan.

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