Refill Not Landfill

Across the site we have 9 WaterAid kiosks and 3 Raw foundation kiosks where you can pick up your pre-ordered water bottles, buy one of our WaterAid bottles for £10, or refill your own water bottle.

We have a mains water supply from Bristol Water that is the same quality as your domestic supply at home. Please don’t buy bottled water, it is a single use plastic bottle that is not designed to be refilled. Buying or bringing a reusable water bottle to the festival makes a huge difference to the volume of plastic bottle waste.

WaterAid Water Kiosks


WaterAid kiosks can be found at the following locations: The Mandela bar, The Cider Bus, The WaterAid stall by the Pyramid, The Stone Circle, The Park Ribbon Tower, The Other Stage Near Oxlyers Campsite, The Meeting Point and Family Camping above the Kidzfield.

Raw Foundation Kiosks can be found at the following locations: Silver Hayes, Lower Mead campsite below John Peel and The Bus station (Red gate).

In 2014 we introduced a re-usable stainless water bottle with WaterAid and the Raw Foundation. We want to reduce plastic bottle waste on the festival site but also in peoples daily lives. Bottled water is a huge source of landfill across the world,  in countries where it is not even necessary to drink bottled water because of the quality of the countries tap water.

We have created 11 water kiosks across the festival site to replicate a Water kiosk in Mozambique. Festival goers will be able to have any types of water bottle filled not just the official Glastonbury bottle. It is a way positive way of WaterAid engaging with festival goers about their work and current campaigns. Raw foundation will have two water kiosks in the Silver Hayes area and the John Peel field to refill water bottles and talk about plastic pollution in the world.

Waterfiller smaller

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